First thing, download this picture. On a PC you should be able to Right Click and save it someplace where you can find it.


Next go to and click on All Products scroll down to the Signs and Posters category. Click on Banners and then click the Get Started button on the next page. I suggest the following settings:

Orientation = Vertical

Size = Small (1.7’ x 3’)

Material = Outdoor

Display Options = Metal Grommets

After this click "Upload Complete Design". 

 From here you can click to upload an image and choose the file off your computer. It should fit within the "safety lines". Once uploaded click the "Text" box.

Then choose "Add New Text Field" and type your desired name into the box below that. Move the box to the bottom and click one of the blue dots beside your name.

Pick the font, size, and color you want to use. recenter your name again afterwards. From here you can click Next and review what it will look like and check out if you are happy.