Peter joined the Michigan Longbow Association because of the warm welcome he received when he showed up at his first Great Lakes Longbow Invitational—a complete stranger.  Council members made him feel part of a special community. 

He went to the Invitational in Hastings because of his memories of his childhood—the many hours he enjoyed shooting his 18-pound fiberglass longbow.  At the Great Lakes Longbow Invitational he experienced again the joy of watching an arrow in flight. 

What impressed him most about that first Invitational was how he felt at home.  Before the end of the second day he signed up to be a member of the Michigan Longbow Association. 

The Kids’ Shooting Area was a hoot!  The satisfaction of popping balloons!  When Peter returned next year to the Great Lakes Longbow Invitational, he volunteered to work with the kids because of the fun they were having. 

Peter is retired.  He had a rewarding career in environmental consulting at ASTI Environmental in Brighton, Michigan.  He has two daughters, one in Pennsylvania, the other in Texas.  He and Linda have been married for 46 years and are empty nesters.   

Peter looks forward to the Grayling Bow Camp in October each year.  He spends that “quality time” waiting for Bambi in the woods, just to smell the forest, hear the birds, and watch the changing morning and evening light.  The Grayling Bow Camp is just what it says on Facebook, “Men, Women and Youth bound together by their love of bowhunting and everything that surrounds the Bow Camp experience.”