Hello MLA family , Let me introduce myself.  I am Denise Glassburn your Treasurer. I am so excited to be part of the Michigan Longbow Association.  If you are new to the MLA, you will soon find out that its not just a Longbow Association.  This is a family. Those of you who are new will find that out, those of you that have been around for years can surely agree with this. 

My husband, John and I started coming actively about 6 years ago to the GLLI.  The first year we came in for the day, the second and third year we tent camped and just stayed to ourselves and had a good time. 

We started volunteering and started meeting people.  Everyone was so friendly and we got to know some people. We would say to each other… wish we had some friends that would like to join us and enjoy this with us.  Then we meet some couples and starting creating some great friendships.  So now instead of having a good time we have a great time.  I am so excited to see my friends it’s like being in school again, cant wait to get there and sad when it is over. 

I started shooting traditional archery about 25 years ago.  I started with a recurve and starting shooting at Wilder Creek Conversation Club in Marshall.  It was 1993 the first year that MLA  moved the GLLI.  I shot for a few years, but life got busy  and I stopped shooting, also had no one to shoot with. 

Eleven years ago that all changed, I was on Match.com and was looking to see if I might find someone that I might be interested in dating.   I did find someone and we got married 2 years later.  When we met, he found out that our paths had crossed at Wilder Creek and never knew it.  We starting going to shoots that John had been to with friends.  The first shoot we went to was the Stick Shoot at Elm Hall.  We meet a very nice couple from Pennsylvania on the course that told us that we should go to GLLI the next weekend.  I said that I did not have a longbow so I can’t shoot.  They said that they had a extra longbow, so come and shoot.  I did not feel comfortable using someone else’s bow, so I went  on line and found a cheap bow for $100.00. I got the bow the day before and we went for the day. 


I got my first real longbow the next season at the Traditional Expo after I meet a great couple from St. Joe River Bows at the GLLI. I had seen a beautiful green longbow at the GLLI that I really liked, they wanted me to go shoot it, but I said no.  I did not want to take a bow and go shoot, it just felt so weird.  I soon found out  that is just how everyone is and more.  You will never find a kinder group of people that will become your friends for life.

So you know what we do for fun, what I do to support my fun is I am a Office Manger for a small business.  Well I say it is a small business because I work for a husband and wife team.  I run the office for 17 McDonald’s in 4 counties in the southern part of Michigan.  So everything I do for work will make the MLA Treasurer position a snap.

If we have not yet met looking forward to meeting you at our next shoot.