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  My name is Jamey Burkhead and I am a Toxophilite.  My love of archery was sparked over 35 years ago and is burning strong to this day. Over the years I have tried to pass along my passion for traditional archery to anyone who would listen.  As a Level 1 archery instructor, a 4H archery instructor, and a hunter education instructor, I enjoy working with the youth programs hoping to spark an interest in archery with our future generations. 
    I have been a member of the MLA for a few years now.  In the beginning I was just standing back taking it all in. As of late I have found myself volunteering more and more as time allows and I am able to attend events.  In a very short amount of time I have met some wonderful people who share the same common ground and have made some good friendships along the way.  This is why I would enjoy the opportunity to serve on the MLA Council, an easy decision to make when someone wants to take the next step to support the organization that does more than any other to promote the sport we all love. And like someone keeps telling me, "you get out of it what you put into it."

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