Hello my name is Jill Burkhead and I’m a toxophilite by marriage. I’ve always enjoyed being the archery mom and watching my husband Jamey and our children, Nathan and Katie, shoot at different events and found myself content being the family photographer. That was until last year when Jamey built me my first longbow and now I’m the one in the photos!

I truly love to volunteer at the events we go to with the MLA such as the Spring Shoot, Charlton Park Days, GLLI, Barry County Youth Outdoor Days, and have just recently taken over the merchandise duties for the association.

I’ve always enjoyed being in the outdoors, camping, and spending quality time with family. This is why I feel we’ve found our place with the MLA because it’s more like a family than an archery club. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve on the Council of such a great organization.