We are only one generation from extinction...
— Floyd Wells

To the members of the MLA, the preservation of traditional archery is priority one. As we've grown older as an organization, we've recognized the danger of archery becoming just "an older man's game" and have endeavored to fix it by sharing our passion with Michigan's youth whenever an opportunity should arise.

Our theory is a simple one - within every child there is an archer - and that archer is waiting for a chance to shoot a bow. If you would, think back to when you were a kid and to the daily adventures you had as such. We are willing to bet that at some point, in your bedtime stories, books, movies, gym classes, and camps the bow and arrow was there and stuck with you to some degree or you wouldn't be here.

This is a common phenomenon. For some unexplainable reason, this simple tool seems as natural to us as shelter. The sight of an arrow in flight is one of the purest sights to behold and one not easily forgotten.

Now imagine if someone had let you shoot one, or even bought you your own. Think about the wonder and excitement of the string in your young hands....arrow nocked...ready to be set free. This experience is precisely what we are trying to create and have created time-and-time again. Now you can be a part of that - be it as a participant living the dream, or at our side as a volunteer making it happen.

Contact us to find out how, or simply show up to one (or all) of the events below. Our attending coaches will do everything they can to accommodate you.

LIST of public youth events

Barry County Outdoor Recreation Youth Day
Historic Charlton Park, Hastings, Michigan
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The Great Outdoor Youth Jambo (GOYJ)
Lake Hudson State Recreation Area, Lake Hudson, Michigan
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The Traditional Bowhunter's Expo
Kalamazoo Expo Center, Kalamazoo, Michigan
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Charlton Park Days
Historic Charlton Park, Hastings, Michigan
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The Great Lakes Longbow Invitational
Historic Charlton Park, Hastings, Michigan
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Youth Scholarship

The MLA also offers a youth scholarship for high-school-aged MLA members. Download the application to find out if you or your son/daughter is eligible.