I am Steve Chappell and I am seeking to rejoin the MLA Council.  I served for 4 or 5 years about a decade ago.  What has spurred my renewed interest to serve again?
· First and foremost, I strongly support and believe in the direction this Council has been moving the MLA. Becoming a 501c3  non-profit with the IRS is prudent and brings maximum benefit to all members and vendors of the MLA…it is truly a win-win for all! Focusing on the MLA volunteer efforts in Michigan-based events with an emphasis on those that get the MLA in front of our Michigan youth is smart.  This will insure the viability of the MLA and the longbow over the long run.
· The MLA is a truly unique member organization that has what I and others have identified as a “family feel.”  It is unlike any other organization I am a member of and/or have been involved with.  MLA members are simply the best!  I want to play a role in keeping that family feel intact which so many current, former and outgoing Council members have played a key role in creating.
· I have reached a point in my life where I have the time to serve.
· I am 100% committed to traditional archery and seeing it perpetuated!
A little about me:
     I am a partner in an independent insurance agency with branches throughout Michigan.  I am married to my wife Pam of 27 years; we have two grown children and live in Williamston, MI.  Next to my family, my #1 passion is hunting with a traditional bow.  I make an annual DIY hunting trip to Colorado to chase elk for 7 to 10 days each year. In the fall you will find me in the woods hunting whitetail almost daily during bow season and in the spring daily hunting turkey.  I enjoy camping and pretty much anything outdoors.  I also enjoy golf, downhill skiing and scuba diving.  Seven years ago I organized a winter traditional archery league at the MSU Demmer Center that runs from January until spring hits and turkey season opens.