Annual Spring Shoot & Membership Meeting

May 3-5, 2019

We are blessed to have a slew of tremendous archery-related gatherings here in Michigan. The summer months are jam-packed with opportunities to camp and shoot throughout the state, and the Annual Spring Shoot and Membership meeting kicks everything off the first weekend in May. 

The Spring Shoot is our "relaxed" event. It is usually at the the Land O' Lakes Bowman's club in Fenton, a wonderfully wooded location with beautiful 3D courses and a clubhouse that is ideal for our Saturday potluck and membership meeting. The Spring Shoot is absolutely free to members, which includes shooting, camping, and dinner on Saturday if you bring a dish to pass. 

If you are not a member, you will need to join at the shoot. Or you can join today for a mere $20 (renewals are $20). That's worth the price of admission as it is.

Events include

The MLA Family/Friends Free For All                                                                                                    A no-arrows-barred competition that will put your skills to the test. Captains will form teams to compete and the winners will claim bragging rights for the next year. The format will vary from year-to-year to keep this fun and entertaining. In other words, you'll find out what we're doing when you get there! Family units are encouraged to shoot as a group, as that adds a whole new element to the competition.

Chili Cookoff
We camp, we shoot, and we make a mean bowl of chili. Held on Friday afternoon, this one is a can't miss! Contestants (selected at the Winter Banquet) will bring samples to be judged for a chance to win the coveted award. It's a great time to socialize and fill your stomach! Bring a can of chili to add to "the garbage can" cooker so all can enjoy a bowl.

Saturday Night Potluck
Bring a dish to pass and experience some fine MLA cooking!

Archery Courses
Our 2D and 3D courses are open the moment you wake up and close just before dark. Interesting target setups with no wait time in between makes this the best shooting scenario of the year. Shoot until you can't!

And More!
We are always tweaking our activities. Check back closer to the event.

Annual Membership Meeting

If you are interested in MLA business, you'll want to go to this one. Usually held on Saturday afternoon, the membership meeting covers all matters of business, including the election of council members and officers and amendments (if any) to the MLA By-Laws. 

Agenda items are brought forth by the council and voted on by attending members who are eligible to vote (see the By-Laws for details). If you are interested in serving on our council, this is your opportunity. 

The membership meeting is also the best time to get caught up on MLA goings-on. This is the perfect place for new members who want to get caught up or to meet the council. We realize that the last thing anyone wants to do is attend a meeting when there is shooting to be done and campfires to sit at, but this is well worth the wait.


You cannot get the full MLA experience without camping! So much of what the MLA is about occurs after hours at the campfire.
— Floyd "Bub" Wells

Few things in life are as compatible as archery and camping. For those who have done this awhile, it is hard to envision one without the other. Camping is the flavor of any MLA event: warm fires, cast-iron cooking, live music, marshmallows, coffee, and conversation aplenty. You can't beat it. Once you've camped at one of our events, you won't want to attend any other way. We'll take you any way we can get you, but we'd rather have you stay the weekend.