The Michigan Longbow Association offers a quarterly newsletter to the membership for the purpose of staying abreast of all that is happening with the organization. The STICKTALK publication had its inception in the 1980’s where the newsletter bridged the information gap that existed between organized shoots and official council meetings. Other public use mediums which share information in real time had yet to be created. Things like smart phones, email and Internet were not available to the common longbow aficionado in those days. 

Now the world enjoys a media explosion, which gives them instant information at the touch of a finger. The Michigan Longbow Association has a Facebook page and a wonderful website that shares the joy of traditional archery with everyone around the world. However, the MLA believes STICKTALK is as viable a resource today as it ever was. This same club newsletter continues to provide the membership with information that ranges from where we’ve been to where we're going and everything in between. Plus, it's a joy to read! As a member, we give you both a black and white hard copy and a color digital copy sent right to your email address. Most publications charge $20-$25 a year for either or. We give you both, four times a year! All you have to do is be a member. 

The Michigan Longbow Association is an exciting and growing organization that has many diversified personalities within its ranks. Some members are hunters, while some are creators. Some are writers, and some just like to read. With all of those personalities there is a great deal of activity to keep up with. The STICKTALK newsletter has evolved into a small easy reading magazine that records all kinds of interesting happenings for the longbowman.

This periodical is published by Greenman’s Printers in Detroit, Michigan and contains within its covers, history, mentorship, shoot information, “how to” sections, recipes, stories, interviews, poetry and pictures. And all of this comes from……all of you, the membership. That is what makes it so interesting and informative. All of the STICKTALK content comes from those who love and live the longbow lifestyle. You will never find a more passionate group of people sharing the love and joy of traditional archery like the folks in the MLA.

Tell Us Your Story!

Your STICKTALK editors are Frances and Tom Gibbs. You can email them at if you would like to submit a story or have questions about doing so. Use the submission guidelines below as a reference for your submission.